Sunday, 30 June 2013

5 Tips to make your car last 200,000 miles

Most cars have a lower life - after four years and a low mileage, start, serious problems and often more recently in 200,000 miles, forgetting everything already.

What many people don't know is, gently and with problems or errors not everyday for them in the store you will ever make.

Every day, you can follow simple steps that make your life much easier and driving your car better and, above all, they last longer.

Here are five tips on what you can to make your vehicle reaches the 200,000 miles and beyond.

Owner is no manual for this you know: every car is a small book. This is what is called a manual. Here are the specifications of your vehicle and when is the maintenance of the car. For many a dispute go safely to the store every two months or so, but worth the cost.

Also, should recommendations of gas - forget the cheapo gas and keep what the manual says. It will be the motor is running better, longer.

Do it yourself: most people, I do not know how to change your spark plugs or check their engines to malfunction or what really an electronic stability controls. But with the knowledge that the fundamentals of how your car can save you a lot of time later and recognize when something is wrong.

Also keep an eye on the light - these warnings are given, to help prevent the crash completely, and if you ignore it, you have to pay more may afternoon pretty substantial review.

Find the mechanic: this may be a more serious question because we only understand if people seriously by trial and error. But listen to him - to speak with friends and knows where to go and ask if you can give a try to his workshop.

Keep your car clean: to my do not ordentlich-but clean engine point. If you keep running without problems and check once in a while, the State of things, is necessary, all the problems, that may arise. And if you keep it clean on the inside, it will be even easier for mechanics to identify problems in their first attempt.

Using parts and fluids that comply with their specifications: many of us fell into the clutches of savings - but we must be careful not to keep things wrong. If you go to your car of cheaper brands, it will create problems. If you keep your car manufacturer specifications, it will be a healthier and happier life.

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Advantages of brakes

There was much discussion about the time that the braking system is a good thing, or is not, because a recent study shows that drivers who have their cars not necessarily fewer accidents in comparison with those who have the system instead of their cars.

This is probably due to two reasons: drivers are arrogant, and I believe that they are protected against most risks of traction and lack of knowledge and understand how the system works.

Many people think that keeps a car which has antilock brakes at a distance shorter than others, that don't have it - but that is not quite right and you should always remember that the system works, you'll have that pretty hard brake.

Also in these two setbacks, brakes are a good choice for your vehicle and avoid many accidents during intended use.

Dejan on slippery surfaces: specifically, of brake on the ice. What happens is, they prevent the auto lock and skid on the road, even in very slippery conditions. As a result, you can save to maintain control of his vehicle and his own life and others.

Reduce costs: reduces the cost of your insurance. Like? Easy. It is a highly proven device, with a very impressive success and effective success. Exactly for these interesting reasons insurance companies give discounts from customers for anti-lock braking system on your car brakes.

Trust, have fewer accidents with this, and do not have money for repairs or have problems with you as a client.

Earn more when you sell: anti anti-lock-brakes (ABS) system in your car or truck, makes it much easier to get more money for it, if it is going to sell. Today, it is an important part of a vehicle, if you don't have this system, you can with a lower end of the price for the sale.

Traction control: anti-lock braking system (ABS) used the traction control system in your car. This new technology will ensure that each wheel has enough traction. Both of these features, install the manufacturer if they have to build in the factory.

Keeping you safe: is that statistics show that the ABS system does not necessarily mean that you will be invincible on the road. However, the odds of fatal accidents on the way to avoid quite well. The bottom line is, today, is better, a little more for your car pay and make sure that you have included this system, than to risk their fate and opt for no system at all.

Friday, 28 June 2013

5 Reasons for your windscreen repair instead of replace

It all starts with a small chip in the windshield - it can be caused by a small stone, he fell off a truck, the gravel. We have in your car and you see one morning in this small harmless crack.

Usually rush not the majority of people to the car dealership to resolve this issue. However, as time goes on, especially with drastic changes in temperature and wind pressure, the crack grows, and they run the risk of breaking the windshield.
This is the best way, it is not always convinced still to avoid fatal consequences for repair? If you want these 5 reasons.

• Save a dollar or two: the first reason for choosing repair instead of replacement windshield, what you save. Usually $200 bears completely replace them to fix the windshield. Some car companies accept even their car insurance, doing this for you free.

However, the only way to know which is the best solution for you, take your car to the auto shop and wait for a verdict.

• Waste no time: most repairs only lasts 20 minutes and all replacement lasts up to a whole day. In addition, keeping your self fit and improves the quality of the service, and also increases the value of your car. It prolongs the life of the vehicle.

In this way, if your car has problems, avoid problems in the future - a chip there is no chance, always a gap and threatens his life if it doesn't exist.

• Be kind to the environment: the windshield is made of glass, and if you replace it, he has released everything and ruled out a shock or some other waste disposal service. This type of glass can not be reused and if repair it rather than replace it, do a solid environment.

• Give your car a pleasure: If you are replacing a full windshield, sometimes is not properly inserted. No, exposes your car that there is no leakage. This leads to oxidation and rust, the car has more problems of awaited them.
The windshield, the car repair is to ensure health.

•, You remain secure: by the fact that the original windshield, is safer than in other circumstances. The reason is simple: the original windscreen ensures a proper seal manufacturer in the framework of the car windshield. This is great news, since it will be less likely than an ejection in a crash. Also, it is a good protection and work as an umbrella for the case that the vehicle turns.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

4 Things to consider before you use your vehicle to tow a trailer

If you like camping or you want to travel, but they used a trailer instead of the stores, there are some things that should be considered before your things and go package.

Many people think that pulling a trailer is everything you need to lock up and go in direction of the Sun, but it takes a little more than that. You should know what to buy before making any purchase, or before on the way forward.

• The basics: first of all you should know the basics. Search tips to deal with the weight of the trailer, to understand what are the definitions of weight and the important thing is to have a balanced trailer.

Make sure before you buy, have the numbers for mixing trailers and vehicles that will pull them. The manual and the specifications of the particular product for towing tips. Also consider how much weight is then - packed with bags, accessories, people and food already stored. Also consider a full tank full of water and gas.
Therefore, they are in the situation, have a realistic weight and not developed unpleasant surprises, such as travel.

You should always ensure to choose the hooks and bars that are specific for heavy loads, and that combined with the ability to tow your car or tow vehicle.

• Distribute the load: when we talk about towing, the weight distribution is very important. So weight needs to know its axis gross examines only measures the specific wheel loads get position and need the wheels to be sure to use problems with the car not get the trailer to check the pressure.

You must take into account that should be the focus of his low followers, during the trip to improve the stability. Keep your cargo at any time guaranteed. Avoid moving objects, to a loss of control and which could have an accident.

Weight distributed evenly between the left and right sides, front and back.

• You see there: make sure, your point of view is the damage of the trailer. To avoid this, see below that if need proper mirror, which will give you the visibility you have to maneuver your trailer safely. That should have expanded on the side mirror.

• Do not immediately run away: keep in mind that it is not used to driving a vehicle with a trailer. It is much more difficult, and it must be: practice driving, turn, stop and protect especially with a trailer. Make sure, knows how much is the cost ceiling measured and Yes, that no luggage is disabled.