Saturday, 12 July 2014

An Easy DIY Craft That Makes A Great Garden Too!

Grow your own fresh herbs and you'll soon be addicted as well. A window box is not only an ideal spot for an herb garden, but a wonderful way to brighten any window in your home. To make a window box, you will need:

    A plain window box, either store-bought or home-made with drainage provided,
    A drainage tray,
    Compost and soil,
    Seeds for your favorite seasonal flowers or herbs,
    Acrylic paints, both white and colors

Using smooth strokes, apply a base coat of white paint, once the first coat has fully dried, apply a second coat.

Paint on colored designs that you like

- Hearts, leaves, lattice and stripes are some popular choices for diy crafts decorating a window box.

Chives, mint and sage will also do very well in a window box.

Place your new window box in a sunny or light window and enjoy the view as your garden comes to life!

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